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I have done a lot of research on the best way to get emails through to customers and avoid spam filters. From subject lines to overall content. The concensus seems to be that using good old fashion html tables is the best and most consistent way to format the email. Here is the latest promo sent from My Shoe Connection.
This email was sent to previous customers who purchased a specific brand of shoes. They all opted in to receive promotional emails. The email contains an opt out link as well as the physical address of the company which are required by the canned spam initiative.

We have some really great deals right now at My Shoe Connection. Shop for Helens Heart casuals or boots and get them by Christmas. They make a great gift.

As someone who knows Helens Heart shoes, you will be delighted to see all the new styles and colors. And the low prices! Check out the the clearance section for shoes as low as 10.00.

Get the Helens Heart bling boots before they are gone.


Scott McGrath

My Shoe Connection

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